Recycled City Sign

Fabricated a custom tap wall for the grand opening of Lone Pint Brewery's tasting room. An outdated Magnolia city limit sign was gifted to the brewery for this custom job. See this job in person and grab a glass of their Yellow Rose Smash IPA!

I Tapped That

Mongoose VS Cobra supplied an opportunity to apply aesthetic beauty and component quality to a draught wall.  See this system that is housed in a masterfully restored 1870s grocery store in Midtown. Don't miss the Fernet on tap.

Tailgaters Dream

Custom jockey boxes perfect for your tailgate or large event. Converting the Jager box was a blast - you may have seen it around U of H.

Why Even Leave the House?

This is an example of a residential system that can be customized for your man cave. Not my handiwork but admirable non-the-less. The only limitations are your imagination and budget!

Wine Needs Love Too

I converted a chest freezer for wine on tap with an external thermostat to maintain appropriate wine serving temperature. Color coded taps and gas valves were included for quick identification.

The Impossible Tap

The corner taps were drilled too close together which prevented one spot from being utilized. Other professionals claimed this was impossible to resolve because the shanks would collide.  With a few hours and some creative problem solving from years of experience all of Nobi's taps were functioning and the impossible became reality.

All the King's Men 1

What a mess! 32 lines coming out of a tower are now neatly organized  in a trunk line.  This is an example of a glycol chilled long draw system.

All the King's Men 2

The trunk line is dropped into a cooler in the back of the restaurant.  Special tubing through the trunk line carries chilled glycol, maintaining cold temperature all the way to the faucet.

Cocktail & Spirits Tap System

If you want to significantly speed service on your most popular cocktails or spirits a draught system will accomplish that.  Signature cocktails can be served 90% faster than hand mixing and being on tap will also increase its sales.

Ice Tower

Ice towers are real eye catchers.  If you want to draw attention to your draught system add an ice tower that screams COLD BEER!

Avant Garden

This system upgrade included replacing all polyvinyl tubing with barrier tubing and adding stainless steel components.  Fun fact kids - Polyvinyl needs to be replaced yearly while barrier tubing has a 10 year life-span - this upgrade quickly pays for itself!

Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro cold brewed coffee is smooth and decadent. The tiny nitro bubbles give the coffee a creamy sensation on the palate. Fun Fact - Nitro coffee tends to have twice the caffeine as regular coffee, lucky you!