Installations, Repairs, & Upgrades

Direct Draw

Direct draw systems are systems where the kegs and beer lines are fully contained in a kegerator or walk-in cooler.  These are the most common systems in the market.  Quality Draught can handle this entire process and will recommend the highest quality components for superior system performance and longevity.

Long Draw Glycol Systems

Long draw glycol systems are necessary when there is unrefrigerated space between the keg cooler and the faucet.  A glycol chiller will maintain a cold temperature throughout a trunk line between the keg and the faucet. 

Premium Quality Upgrades

Generic draught equipment has a short life span, can cause off flavors, and harbors microbiological growth. Quality Draught can evaluate your existing system and recommend the necessary optimum components for the best over-all performance of your system. Upgrades may include: barrier tubing, food grade stainless steel components and/or FOB beer savers. 


As your system ages parts begin to wear out, Quality Draught can restore the youthful vigor to your draught system.  Emergency service is available.  With over 20 years experience you can be assured your issues will be resolved.

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