Maintenance, Cleaning & Glycol Chiller Service

Acid Cleaning of Draught Lines

  • Acid cleaning should be in addition to caustic cleanings, not as a replacement.
  • Push product or caustic cleaner from lines with warm water.
  • Clean lines with an acid line cleaner mixed to manufacturer's guidelines.  Maintain a solution temperature of 80-110 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Circulate the acid solution through the lines for 15 minutes at a steady flow rate that ideally exceeds the flow rate of the product.  After acid cleaning, flush lines with cool fresh water until pH matches that of tap water and no visible debris is being carries from the lines.
  • Disassemble, service, and hand-clean faucets; hand-clean couplers.

Semi-Annual Hardware Cleaning

  • Disassemble, service, hand-clean all FOB-stop devices.
  • Disassemble, service, hand-clean, and lubricate moving parts on all couplers.

Glycol Chiller Maintenance

  • Glycol bath temperature: Check every visit, making sure the bath temperature is within the range specified by the manufacturer.
  • Check motors for smooth-sounding operation and no signs of overheating.
  • Check pumps; check connections and insulation for leaks or missing insulation, and for smooth-sounding operation.
  • Inspect condenser for dirt and airflow obstructions and clean as necessary.  Remove and clean grills to expose the condenser fins.  Remove all contaminants from the fin surface by using a stiff bristle brush or vacuum cleaner.
  • Visually inspect trunk lines for signs of ice buildup, insulation damage, and glycol leakage.
  • Glycol strength: Check viscosity and condition of glycol-water cooling mixture.  Test freezing point with a refractometer and adjust or replace glycol mixture as needed.

Bi-weekly Line Cleaning Service

Your distributor or self-distributing brewery should perform a line cleaning every 2 weeks.  If this is not the case, we can help with a variety of solutions including: supplemental monthly cleanings, staff training for in-house cleanings, or complete bi-weekly service that follows the Brewer's Association recommendations.